ES2 provides complete structural design services for a variety of project types including concrete DomeSilos, conveyor trusses, bents, towers, concrete foundation systems, rail and truck pits, warehouse, manufacturing, architectural, and miscellaneous buildings. We have extensive experience designing concrete and steel structures using 3D modeling and finite element analysis and have designed many projects in very high wind and seismic areas or under extreme event loading. We have extensive experience in designing for large settlement in structures.


Advanced Soil Analysis

Many industrial projects are constructed on sites with poor soils. ES2 provides advanced soil analysis to determine the most appropriate foundation or ground improvement solution for a project. Through the use of the latest soil analysis and modeling software we work closely with our clients. local geotechnical engineer to understand the soil conditions affecting the site. Together we can then decide what is required to meet the project and client needs to ensure the safety and functionality of a project. ES2 has designed storage facilities with very large expected settlements. This is allowed by closely integrating the design of the structural, material handling, and geotechnical systems.


Material Handling Systems

ES2 offers complete mechanical design and vendor coordination for all aspects of your material handling project from receiving to storing to shipping. Mechanical design includes systems to receive, convey and reclaim product, as well as auxiliary systems for processing, product monitoring, and quality control. Some of these systems include:

Receiving Systems
  • Direct Feed
  • Rail
  • Ship
  • Truck
Conveying Systems
  • Belt
  • Pan
  • Pneumatic
  • Screw
  • Chain
  • Bucket
Reclaim Systems
  • Gravity (Live)
  • Air Slide
  • Rotary Screw
  • Rotary Plow
  • Stacker/Reclaimer
  • Walking Floor
  • V-Plow
  • Drag Chain
  • Bucket Chain

Mechanical Systems

ES2 provides emission, ambient control, and HVAC system design such as in-floor aeration, temperature and humidity control, dust collection, piping, product conditioning, plumbing, etc. We also work closely with fire protection designers as needed to ensure that fire and explosion potential is isolated, mitigated, suppressed and otherwise eliminated, diminished, or controlled. ES2 has developed unique solutions to controlling dust dispersion within storage to minimize explosion potential.


Finite Element Analysis

ES2 uses state-of-the art finite element software to analyze complex structural, soil-structure, and geotechnical design problems. Our understanding of structures, shells, soils, soil-structure interaction, and material properties allows us to develop integrated finite element models. Finite element modeling accounts for linear, non-linear, and time-rate effects considers varied load conditions. Using this type of model produces much more accurate results over traditional closed-form or approximate solutions on complex problems.


Electrical and Automation Systems

ES2 offers full design, start-up, and commissioning services for electrical and control systems, including site lighting, power distribution, process automation, PLC programming, start-up assistance, and system troubleshooting. Our control system design can provide from fully manual to fully automated operation and any combination between to meet the specific requirements of the project to ensure safe, efficient, and reliable operation.